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Country Collaborations

Country Collaborations

Competition of the heads of state:

The active initiators, the head of state who is the first to realize a new "generation of transport technology" will go down in world history. Connections to all appropriate economic giants on our globe with all financial concessions of a participation etc. are released.
Practical thinkers, early recognize the feasibility of visions, bet on the continued existence of the state, the future of the people.
The development possibilities of the patented system are in fact future-dominant and let industrial branches revive completely, or existing production plants can be preserved, in which these are reequipped on the new technology.
When our common project becomes known, our supporters will increase explosively, while other countries will want to jump on our bandwagon -  in the broadest sense. The opponents and alleged experts should think twice about being labeled as eternal naysayers.

The cooperation with the countries India, Philippines, Russia and Kuwait has a central importance for the IAT-Maglev-Team. The bilateral cooperation supports the establishment and expansion of partnership relations between the actors of the research landscape, enables coordination processes and strengthens the emergence of synergies between projects and partners.

About us

IAT stands for: Innovative Access Team

The Innovative Access Team NRW has consistently developed the well-known Transrapid system.

The newly designed maglev train from North Rhine-Westphalia saves space, time and energy.

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D. W. Schramek

Skype ID:iat-maglev

+ 49 (0)176 655 344 11

Steinmetzstrasse 40
51103 Köln-Kalk


Welcome to a revolution

of the worldwide economic revival

Milestone of the formation phase of a new infrastructure transport epoch "IAT-MAGLEV" the new double-deck maglev technology

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