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Maglev train


IAT Maglev: Economical, Environmentally Compatible and Sustainable for Growth - Work - Infrastructure

In European transportation, the Transrapid has so far been insufficiently favored. Despite government research funding, the transport market is still oriented toward the outdated system of wheel and rail. Since the sophisticated technological quality of the Transrapid is hardly disputed even by critics, it must be asked what barriers prevent acceptance here.

Thyssen, Siemens-Krupp + dozens of opponents are vigorously resisting further development of our patent, since their own investments and sales are under attack.

An explanatory approach is, for example, the following:

In order to protect and balance worldwide fluctuations in demand, leading manufacturing companies in the wheel-rail sector have closely linked themselves with each other through a network of contacts, mutual obligations and informal commitments of interest.

In the wheel-rail market, an oligopoly of suppliers has emerged. With the Transrapid, a new technology is now coming up against these cooperative structures. This is an explosive situation, since many fields of work, which are still compellingly necessary for wheel-rail systems, are omitted with the Transrapid to a large extent like: classical overhead line signal construction, are e.g. with the Transrapid no longer needed. Ballasting, conventional track construction and maintenance are no longer required. Maintenance and replacement of wear parts are considerably reduced. Whole production chains are substituted.

So it is probably well understandable that enterprises, which are active in the conventional sector, and no magnet course know-how possess, the Transrapid as endangerment of their business activity understand and an innovation as far as possible block.
It applies here, as probably with all technological innovations: "The better is the good enemy.“

Since the Transrapid is being developed by a consortium of manufacturers that also produces the ICE and its wheel-rail infrastructure, even the Transrapid system leaders are faced with the strategic decision of whether preserving the existing wheel-rail business should be a priority or preparing the new Transrapid business is more important.

These companies with no maglev expertise see their business disrupted and are using disinformation and rumors to block an innovation based on an invention dating back to 1934.

Developed by a consortium of manufacturers that also provides the ICE and its wheel-rail infrastructure, Transrapid system leaders are in a quandary between serving the safe wheel-rail business or establishing the new Transrapid business.

"For the electromagnetic levitation of vehicles, Hermann Kemper was awarded Reich patent 643316 on August 14, 1934. ... In 1973, physicist Götz Heidelberg and Professor Herbert Weh of the Technical University of Braunschweig resumed development."

On November 22, 2009, Deutsche Bahn and the government of Qatar signed a contract worth 17 billion euros for construction work on a rail network. The Reuters report provides the absurdity of the whole thing right away: "Deutsche Bahn emphasized that the project also has strategic significance for it.

In the Arabian Peninsula and more recently in other industrialized countries, investments in the triple-digit billion range are planned in rail infrastructure over the next 20 years. " On the problems of the Berlin S-Bahn, Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer commented:" Who drives brakes and axles on wear, loses sight of the public service mission."
Because of technical problems, the Federal Railway Authority had pulled numerous trains of the Berlin railroad subsidiary out of service in the summer, which resulted in a massive thinning of the offer. A "maglev train" has neither brakes nor axles. What is not there cannot wear out.

The "IAT-MAGLEV" double-deck maglev system from IAT Innovative Access Team NRW also represents a prestige object for the German economy worldwide due to the innovations. But a small engineering company is in the way here!

Although a maglev train is the optimal answer to the concerns of citizens' initiatives and environmental protection organizations, the habit of using road and rail proves to be the stronger social force.

Politics and economy must  and should not neglect German engineering !

Maglev is a safe, quiet, comfortable, efficient alternative to the highway, conventional rail transport and air transport. This mode of transportation will be economically enabled and deployed for a wide spread of national implementation.

While further advanced in research, further development is practical, viable and can be realized using existing technology components - no "new inventions" are required.

The system is ready to be targeted for promotion to a high-speed international consortium.

Can be implemented and completed at the national level, has passed the threshold for self-sustaining economic viability.

While there are still some technical requirements, assessments and decisions by the way are all lower order. Issues and no significant impact on the basic promises in the approach, basic promises are open.

There is a high enforcement for success for the demonstration project and a high probability that actual commercial sales and deployment will prove practical, immediately following several months of demo programming successful START-UPS. The potential market for this technology and independent computing is extremely large and could result in very significant revenue growth over the next several years.

It is recommended that IAT-MAGLEV-SYSTEM fully support and participate in it with the now worldwide Maglev technology.

About us

IAT stands for: Innovative Access Team

The Innovative Access Team NRW has consistently developed the well-known Transrapid system.

The newly designed maglev train from North Rhine-Westphalia saves space, time and energy.

Contact person

D. W. Schramek

Skype ID:iat-maglev

+ 49 (0)176 655 344 11

Steinmetzstrasse 40
51103 Köln-Kalk


Welcome to a revolution

of the worldwide economic revival

Milestone of the formation phase of a new infrastructure transport epoch "IAT-MAGLEV" the new double-deck maglev technology

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